fun things to draw

Because of the liquid nature of contemporary life and culture, pictures are expected to float erratically around the web pages.

As a matter of congruity and harmony, it would be better to have (all) the internet pages filled with cool drawings reaching the public with their eccentric stories.

Barry Flanagan

cool things to draw

Culture results in and is created by everyday pictures

Sometimes, these ghostly images are apparent to the eye if you look closely enough. But archaeological evidence and a closer look at literary sources suggests the legend may be pure myth. Much remains to be learned about the pigment physiology and reproductive habits of these absurd images of visual perception.

weird things to draw

Unless you don't care of visual appeal, make your pages organized logically and predictably because fortune is a cool artwork.

John Tusa

out of proportion art

Good art nearly always out of proportion.

Accuracy and precision can wait, don't follow the rules.

peek into blackbox

It’s a fun story. Happiness is funny art, drawing out of proportion, theory is irrelevant. Art is about making pictures to make sense of our complex world, getting a peek into the black box. Incomprehensible artworks bring opportunities to think creatively about finding solutions to difficult problems. Doing anything art-like relieves stress for most artists simply because it distracts their mind completely. What you don't think about doesn't bother you, right?

It’s over. The end.