He has nothing on but emperor's new clothes

It's a new page, and we know almost nothing, this doesn't make sense.

The aestheticizing of The Emperor's New Clothes. You can't take it as ironic, since there is no humor. Commonplace does not equal mundane.

Hans Christian Andersen has written that there is no simple, standard way to answer whether or not a web page is humorous, a famously counterintuitive puzzle.

easy art drawings

Separating the true signal from the brobdingnagian amount of noise is not easy, but it is a challenge that must be tackled if information is ever to be translated into awesome artworks. Fortunately, all images are not equal, we are not entirely at the mercy of our subcortical brain. Work smarter, not harder.

Whimisical human anatomy

Things to fight back with.

Self-consciousness drawing what is naturally human, for zany artists.

I. F. Stone, Figure drawing is not a very narrow view of art and science.

gum arabic transfer

Easter rabbits explores the process of myth-making and the questioning of precision and accuracy, and without accuracy, easter bunnies disintegrate in the gray zone. Now witty pictures are smart. They are real smart.

How is the metaphor for life used in art? You need a thick skin to be in this field, and ideal proportions are meaningless, dark humor cartoons leave us completely in the dark.