As cuteness increases, so does the likehood of being like a Welsh rabbit, with psychologically-driven hierarchy of interest.

Easter rabbit

Easter rabbits of all stripes are cute.

Easter Rabbit is an artistic act to show that Nature is beyond borders established by man.

There is beauty in the ability to let time develop outside a goal-oriented activity. An idea ought to have no wishes, no affections, - a mere heart of stone.

Cute Easter Bunny

Is that what Easter Rabbit wants?

Easter Rabbit Art is an artistic act to show that nature is beyond borders established by man. This reveals a hidden rule of the contemporary art world: only an artist who doesn't want to be an artist is a real artist.

The Easter Bunny going far beyond visual perception

Easter rabbits examine the fine line that now separates documentary pictures and fine art images, they keep things simple.

Good taste which is spreading more and more throughout the world has its beginning under an umbrella of a borderline picture. Visual humor go far beyond visual perception.

smart artsy bunny

What do artists call a very smart bunny? An egghead, because good art is just displaying a risible idea, remembering that being really funny is a great challenge: Valentine's Day comes after Easter in the dictionary.

A dumb bunny or hare brain who hoped to solve real-world challenges, like the number of hairs in a rabbit's tail (zero, they are all on the outside). Such silly artworks need to stop quickly before we fall down the rabbit hole entirely, and find things to fight back with. The solution is to simplify.