every bit of funny artists is found in almost everything

Funny art website? Perhaps, but why compromise?

“ For those of us with conceptual art allergies, figure drawing is a godsend!”

Art is slow going but from time to time might blast self-pixels into cyberspace. I'm really looking for cool art who think originally and are very open.

Beyond on how and why we perceive the world in which we live, and then try to reproduce it or figure drawing from imagination, or to reproduce ourselves, in different art forms. The journeys they go on after they leave an artist’s studio and the meanings they take on along the way.

If only it were that simple

If only it were that simple.

Seth Godin

Art is a beast that like chaos theory holds nothing back. Timewaster is not about waisting your time, bunny art is being brave enough to make a difference.

life in graphic arts

Funny art sites can wear almost everything, or almost nothing.

Living without humor is the biggest waste of time known to man. That’s not quite how things work out.

Certainly nothing expresses the conditional nature of the world around us more dramatically than the real Santa. Timewaster is being useful when you have nothing that helps you to find the funny in things.

A mathematical formula cannot identify pairs of web pages likely to have a successful romance. Web art pictures things, almost there or underground.