art and identity, Every painter paints himself

Art and identity, vs human contact

Don't worry, our lives are contemporary things. This site, perhaps not surprisingly, seriously takes whimsical issues. Humor is not contempt, humor a way of living on the light side of life, because light is the blood of visual arts.

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Nothing creates distrust more than art sites that are void of a warm human contact.

Nobody is bored when making something artsy

If you find expensive contemporary art, make it. Everyone seems to think the humorous-cynical side of the canvas is the big variable.

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... enough money that I could never blame failure on anyone but myself.

Piet Mondrian, p. 226

Every artist is expected to paint his own nature into his artworks

every artist paints his own nature into his pictures

Every painter paints himself

Because identity is a necessity. Whatever the artist makes is always some kind of whimsical self portrait.