Culture is the everyday art, can you prove it? The whole point of Grasshopper's theorem is that giant innovative leaps come apparently out of nowhere.

how does culture and true art relate

How does culture relate to art ?

Mental imagery and memory relate art to culture. Even the craziest images talk about carving out a place for them in the larger culture. It’s art–culture co-evolution, they feed off of each other.

Visual art culture : The same irony that has reduced painting to a self-parodic anti-art statement. While scientific misconduct usually involved scientists who cut corners or fabricated data, artists are committed to cut corners and make their own data. Many pictures in the world today live in a state of chaos due to their lack of personal development.

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Art that speaks for itself

How does culture relate to art ?

Colours evoke associations which are culturally determined.

Art is a fruit that grows in man

The picture aims to use pixel methods to crack another knotty problem in art humor:

Understanding what is being realistic always uncover an inherent wittiness; art is a fruit that grows in man

Jean Arp

How Is Art Related to Culture?

The pencil's dream is to change the direction of art, to create something from nothing.

Van Doesburg, Too much irony is not fair

how does culture and art relate

True art will not come from Chaos, it will come from a piece of wood or metal that allows its figures to determine their own destiny.

how does culture and art relate by necessity

Art pictures, by necessity, has an idealistic view of things. It's entirely possible there's a lot missing along those lines from the story.

how does culture and art relate

This possibility is certainly open, this is life, but most good picture to remember were not famous for anything.