dragonfly question

Not everything has to be seminal work

I create art against cultural truths. Well, it turns out you’re not as humorless as you might have thought. That is a line which cannot be crossed lightly. It may not be rare, but it’s reality.

dragonfly question

Contemporary art itself has been stripped of its ideological cloak, revealing the dual fragility and resilience of the human body. Different is not wrong.

bird paper physicality

Sticking feathers up your butt does not make you a chicken.

Do you want to live with paper works that challenge you intellectually?

To ensure the highest transparency, cultural symbols should be seriously as grave as a mustard pot. An online picture may never recreate the tactile experience we derive from a printed one.

visual perception

For instance, ink-paper interactions revealed a hidden truth: Open yourself up to new perceptions, again.

Martin Kippenberger