Why is the sea salty? Exact solutions don't need recognition. Earth is salted and daily rains wash the ground.

why is sea salty?

Interesting artworks replace beautiful painting in contemporary art galleries, but now and forever we do need pictures.

This explanation should be taken with a very heavy pinch of salt. Salt is the essence of a world in which it is becoming increasingly difficult to separate physical reality from the silliness of short-lived web pages.

7 elements of visual arts forms plus 20 facts about visual art make an eccentric math riddle

Interesting facts on visual arts

I create art in order to fill the space of the screen because i fear lazy art; much contemporary art seems aimed at being interesting or awkward rather than beautiful. The answer to this puzzle is 2010.

interesting things about visual art

Incorporating the magic ideas into not wordable, ineffable practices in urban zany drawings.

death of visual art

Graphic art is ubiquitous. Visual art is part of genetics.

"Everyone is meant to be an artist, everything can be transformed into the most beautiful art."


Art pretext for drawing human body

Art is pretext for drawing people

Good art borders on craziness.

Zeuxis picking models.

christmas elves are artists

Graphic arts represent a meeting point between word and image, and now you want to find this mysterious sign of art because you dont see what is so hard about defining what art is from a christmas elf point of view.

Understanding art with Santa, reindeers and elves pictures is cooler than nothing.

Open yourself up to new perceptions, you donít make stupid jokes in art. Interesting pictures don't necessarily creep off to some small website somewhere never to be heard from again.

Martin Kippenberger