Humor is not a joke, art is hard and words are but wind.

funnily enough, humor is not a joke

Fun things to draw is an art because our creativity comes from subconscious neurons, learning from the mistakes of others.

This was thought to give the internet the power to ward off evil spirits. Why are we still sticking to a historic print publication format?

Art is a code

Art is a code

Art is hard, wait until the storm is gone, it will likely fall on deaf ears.

Salvador Dali, Atalanta and the three golden apples

Have artistic magpies totally died for the contemporary art world? There's something magic about artistic logic, but remember magicians are a deceitful lot, don't trust them.

Visual imagination is a tool

Imagination is more important than the most amazing artwork

The artist is his own real model. Visual imagination is a tool for transparency and accountability, when pictures are saddened by their relative invisibility. If you have been put off contemporary art by the difficult artspeak language used to write about it, you are not alone.

"A painting is a visual history of all the tiny decisions, many totally subconscious, that coalesce into what we call a painting."

George Rodart

Everything is difficult, art mirrors life. When you find yourself in a hole, stop digging; art is easy.