hazy goals and edgy, controversial art

Visual observation makes a work of art work, even with hazy goals and lack of targets.

Conventional art and borderline artworks are two sides of the same coin.

art is part of human nature

Before the invention of the fleeting aesthetics, art was simple. Art-conscious decoration is a visual language.

Now, the best reason to paint is that there is no good reason to paint a weird mix of half-baked images and pictures as object, as a little part of this magical canvas.

The mass media are a powerful factor in the construction of images about borderline art and consequently on how picture with an eccentric edge are seen in the public eye.

It is one of the superficialities of our time to see in science and in art two opposites, imagination is the mother of both.

Theodor Billroth

What is the question?

Good art is emotion. Separate the meaningful information from the random smoke that means nothing (but sfumato), but feed symbols of fear. The carpet of contemporary art must be really dome-shaped by the large number of awkward art works which have been brushed under it.

Is art necessary?

Anyhow, obviously not enough to be certain, either way. I'll concede that it's subtle, clever, but at the end of the day, is it convincing?

art is necessary

Art is part of human nature, text and pictures are different things, ideas and images are good bedfellows.

Artwork with next to no ideas, is simply swept under the carpet, and makes a story still not fully told.

Birds of a feather write about art, probabilities and the ways the two intersect, on the journey to the internet. What is the question? In most cases, causal inferences relie on statistically untestable assumptions. About half of all visitors still believe good art is “just a theory” and prefer to believe in silliness. Never underestimate the ability of people to reject facts that do not fit their view of the world.

The mother of visual theories. Art comes from the irrational part of our beings, because all things that we draw wouldn't have been made if we didn't need to draw. Only artists can answer our instinctive needs.

I do not believe in art theory but in visual perception. Never attribute to art that which is explained by stupidity, some figures lead to pretty crazy conclusions.