That most pictures think too much and are so scared by bad art is the fundamental tragedy of art theory. Thinking pictures can live everywhere.

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Is beauty possible without sobering art?

Empirical observations are little without an underlying theory to generalize them.

Aravinda Chakravarti, This can be a sobering experience, bad pictures become economically unhinged.

My gut objection to your argument soon solidified as I thought of the enormous volume of of daily doodling as inventive thinking, and experience of bad art. The picture is pointing out how ludicrous and inadequate ink is, the inking cannot account for the phenomenology observed.

art makes me smile

The art makes me smile, even images that sits around and does nothing.

Originality is deceptively hard. I am a zebra, I think I have earned my stripes.

Peter Thiel

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Creativity and innovation thinking visually

Theory is the art of giving the same name to different artworks. The trouble is art is not an exact science. Math is beautiful on a purely abstract level, quite apart from its ability to explain the world.

Gustav Klimt, "Visual thinking presents a fascinating conundrum, a common neural signature of aesthetic experience"

Does beauty still belong in art?

Is beauty dead?

A series of trials and errors, simplistic reasoning will not work when it comes to evaluating painting decisions. A simple idea, but it can get complicated.

Art attempts to rationalize the irrational. Dont overlook the positive reasons why people question or seek alternatives to academic considerations on art, grounded in their own knowledge. Prepare your visitors for the possibility that their expectations may need to be altered, especially if they are unrealistic.

A story about how pictures can never, finally, be trusted.