List of aphorisms: If you don't grow, you die.

cartoons are back to work

Beauty is back to work

In terms of sight, the brain has the upper hand. Pushing bad artwork does seem disastrous and illogical.

Never believe an art cartoon in which only one side is shown

A web page which do not begin as a can of worms is not art enough for congenial aphorisms drawing life-like ideas.

ideas are mental images

Ideas are just pictures (mental images or art rules). The wonderful thing about thinking visually is seeing mirror images inside of our own brain.

how to draw flowers

Naturalism and realism in art are as close as two coats of paint.

Cute plants and witty pictures make famous aphorisms. We don't make ephemeral art easily but the one we do is for life.

 aliens on earth proof is what the cartoon want

Life is what the cartoon want.

Crazy comments and mathematics make witty aphorisms

aphorisms in pictures

Many artists are singular.

Only an artwork that does not look like an artwork is a real artwork. Sgraffito is where itís at.

irony in contemporary art

Famous aphorisms must be absurd. Itís inevitable.

cartoon with frog is irrelevant, art is futile

How can we use our theory of art to help every drawings achieve their fullest potential?

Signs of art are ambiguous but for frog critics. Theory is irrelevant, art is futile.

cartoon with psychological explanations

Aphorism life cycle.

Aesthetics itself is not the problem, it's a symptom of the problem. Artspeak is not thinking. Human body proportions for art is just artsy joke.

cartoon with cat

Nothing is Art until a cat says it.

Conceptual paintings set the cat among the pigeons.

Nothing is art without a sense of humor

The art humor is back

Pictures are being made, and they want to be seen.

crazy drawings

Crazy drawings are not dangerous

Donít fight the craziness. Itís methodologically really impressive.

Perpetually one aphorism away from finishing this damn web page.