Bad art is necessary by virtue

Sometimes just making bad art is not enough, an eclectic approach is needed

Bad painting is no excuse for such behaviour. Art is necessary by virtue of the very magic inherent in it.

Ernst Fisher, Why do people have always needed art ?

Sceptical about the bad art purpose

Eccentric tastes drive eclectic motors

Art is a necessity for all of us, because when anything goes, the danger is that nothing counts.

Justin Paton, How to look at a painting? Artists may assume that if the painting does not agree with the art critics that they can ‘vote with their feet’ and decline participation.

What is the secret to art making ?

Escaping being forever unknown.

Andy Warhol, Daydreaming at the postmodern cafeteria

Sceptical about the purpose of art ? Art had no purpose, no finality, is going nowhere but keep running like cinetic art. Is bad art the secret to drawing ?

In artwork, small does not necessarily mean minor, sometimes bad taste

How to escape art business predators when the art world is like a gigantic flea market?

Purpose driven life art remembers the beautiful necessity of humor in web art sites ("Ambiguity is equally the hallmark of very fine and very poor artworks").