art and beauty critics

Art critics facing a bunch of weak painters

They have got the sent of blood in their nostrils and are going for the kill, and you have to speak international art English to get on.

Art turns everybody into a critic

Art turns everyone into a critic.

Most of art criticisms are silly complaints that boil down to the missing beauty. Art theories should not prevent us seeing the naive beauty of poor things. The relationship between artistic merit and the opinion of art critics is purely statistical.

doodle aesthetics

Is criticism to blame for missing beauty ?

In order for an image of beauty to be considered art, it needed two things:

• A presentational device (an eerily beautiful golden frame for april fools' day),

art criticism craftsmanship

• An art critics as presenter.

beauty art criticism

Size-driven aesthetic differences among images that are closely balanced in overall thermodynamic properties must be taken into account if we are to understand and predict the formation, stability, and transformation of these complex images in artistic settings.

Criticism is easier than craftsmanship truth.

Because we are all human and an irrational tendency like pigheadedness can be quite an asset in an argumentative context.

The artists themselves take over the critical function. Critics of art should be capable of expressing complex thought without resorting to obfuscatory linguistic smoke.