Perfection is boring, explanation kills art, Thatís one theory.

Old wine in new bottles

Idealistic silliness, good as well as bad

Communication is the process of developing a shared understanding, now we don't know what to think. Life is getting tougher for shallow art, however drawings on paper usually are quite thin by nature.

Marcel Duchamp is dead as a dodo, great art has tendency to daydream.

silly cartoon

Who killed the silly side of art?

The most successful art to me involves humor, by increasing plasticity it is possible to increase artistic capacity.

Goblin spells that really work with proof: itís the builders who count.

cheetah family, funny-looking artwork

Silly art is the end of postmodernist plastic arts, which never seen anything this bizarre in its lifetimes, where up is down and down is up.

Silly things laugh to tears at the absurdity of the thing, studying funny-looking artworks.

silly cartoon

Drawing on approaches from computational beauty, computer programs with a sense of beauty increasingly are able to search for patterns, and enable new hypotheses to emerge with a little silliness.

Colored pictures crawl finding their light in the darkness. Nothing in psychology lasts: The end effect ended.