This is a recipe for nonsense art, every image is born completely unique.

Absurd pictures are unique, because they have unique problems

Who Says Your Feelings Have to Make Sense?

Aspassio Haronitaki: Absurdity creates its own mindset, changing how people look at problems and make non sense pictures. Pictures are unique, which means they have unique problems. If you donít have a definition, known for certain since the beginning of time, you must just have a guess. The odd thing is that acting on the best guess available has turned out to work out rather well.

If at first the picture is not absurd, then there is no artsy meaning for it, only for The Mean One.

Absurd art is essential for a meaningful human existence

Nonsense art opting for humor are essential for a meaningful human existence

Thought-provoking images between casual art, seriousness, everydayness and hilarious weirdness. Web pages must think outside the box. Mental images may seem downright artsy from the pictorial nature of our mind.

making sense of the absurd

Nonsense art reduces the fear of the algebra.

Fine art is nonsense and this page is really stupid art, people focus on problems where absurdity is most salient.

Only reality interests me now and I know I could spend the rest of my life in copying a chair making sense of the absurd.

Alberto Giacometti, I like weird artworks because of the image they present to me that have symbolic relation with the underworld, not influenced by the physical world as we human invariably do.

Why do all the good girls like the bad boys?

Why do all the good girls like the bad boys?

If the style is irreverent and ironic, you are not asked to understand the range of scientific-artistic practice. Dysregulation of the portraiture system is at the core of many artistic things whose cross-disciplinary work bridges culture and art.