art truth

Art is a truth that render utility acceptable

Estampes intended to be low-cost for easy purchase, but were also designed for quick dissemination to a broad audience.

Shallow art is best avoided by leaving the metal plates in the etching sauce for hours. Not just in printing technique, although there is plenty of that.

crazy art printting

Printing quirky papers is quite different than doing good research in an increasingly fragmented world. Quirky people keep printmaking busy with their messy lives. Sometimes copper plate etching shallowness is so thorough, it's almost like depth. Escaping reality, because there are plenty of lunatics out there in the real world.

Life is short, images are living

Etching is a form of printing. Etching tend to be viewed as more authentic, artistic, and expressive than other printmaking processes in old times.

printmaking humor

Zinc plates are the best refuge of the shallow images of ghosts in real urban legends.

But all weird animals of small press books goes on in the dark, hidden underground. An important reminder that replication of the artwork, a consequence of hand-print etching is not proof of integrity, because if you can fake one artwork, you can fake two.