chameleons imitate mimesis imitation

All theories of mimesis and imitation always are messily copied

A neomodernist chameleon is to hypermodernism what sloth is to laziness, the exception to the rule. The picture ignores the crucial distinction between frequentist and Bayesian inference.

The importance of using humor in making artworks goes far beyond looking funny. After all, if a drawing idea is that easily copied, maybe it was not such a good drawing idea. Funny chameleons illustrate that the reality does not measure up to this ideal.

Theodor Adorno was an eccentric animal

Anything that provokes thought can be art.

Mimetic chameleons trying to convince skeptics that they are wrong. If contemporary drawings are fundamentally a technical discipline looking like a radical choice, then chameleons are the living metaphors. Chameleon adjusts themselves to fit into whatever happens to be artsy at the moment.

crazy busy artists are famous for their ability to change their color

Good chameleon artists are famous for their ability to change their color to match their surroundings. Art flies feelings of unreality often are unrealistic.

The art community is a rest home for the overprivileged, the pretentious, and the weak.