drawing sphinx

Theba was a drawing sphinx

The sphinx was killing all who could not solve her riddle:

Does skill matter in art?

Can art be (only) recognized by its context?

Do artists who draw people like people?

Do artists who like people draw people?

What makes art art?

Ad Reinhardt

nonsense sphinx

The riddle of the frog was the temptation of nonsense sphinx

No one knows you're a frog on the Internet. Every image arranges reality within the frame of the visitor. Every evaluation process is flawed.

Sphinx people also tended to be non-conformists, preferring to be expedient rather than follow the rules. All emotions reflect the state of our thoughts in each moment.

Delphi sphinx

Social, historical and cultural images are the three muses of the explanation of art

No time to solve the riddle as to reflect on the zany pictures. Artworks job is to make others feel good.

sphinx ex libris

Very few bookplates have anything specific to say.

The content of a contemporary work of art becomes a cipher, a riddle that may requires deducing through supplemental materials and research from paintings of everyday life representing familiar in a new way.