Crazy life at the centre of sticker culture

Post-it art for an impermanent street medium. We are interested in whether trade-offs between art and accuracy are reasonable.

The art college of collage had a fundamental role at the centre of sticker culture.

Christopher Nevinson

THTF Santa crazy life

If you believe in something, you have to stick to it, even wicked stickers or art objects doubtfully connected to real objects in the world.

Shepard Fairey

urban collage art

Cat urban sticker collage

The proposition put in the mouth of Lemuel Gulliver by Jonathan Swift that "there is nothing so extravagant or irrational which philosophers have not maintained for truth", still holds.

Nature, 2008 July 3

THTF urban street life

Why our sticker's success may depend less on perfect performance than on learning how to deal with iconoclasts. Sticky pieces of art bring in anecdotes and resources from all over the place.

THTF, Life on the walls