legendary summer

Summer is fun, tomorrow can't come soon enough, serious art is doomed to fail, there's more of everything.

Focusing on unreality avoids being bored, life cannot be planned; delight of puzzlement. It is a late summer day, with a rising wind that feels as though autumn is near. Learn to decode the secret language of emotion fairies.

Never judge an art site by its cover.

The organisms in this ludicrous dark matter are globally ubiquitous and numerous but have largely unknown physiologies. Site specific mundane artists have the telling ability to transcend their domestic function. Imaginative unreality strives. Summer rain is pure sunshine; the smell of the rain is pure, and free. Do something new everyday.

My life in art

Cute flower can’t simply write stories about these crawling things. The whole postmodern program was insane and had no probabilistic chance at success but it worked anyway.

minimal language

Art could be made from anything, true art is not done to sell. The summer crafts project has exploded like a field of porcini mushroom after a rainy night in a late summer morning, rain is pure happiness. Artistic thinking develops contingencies in advance when the craft doesn't go along according to the ideal path. Artworks created from simple materials are all expressions of a minimal language, at the base of elliptical narratives giving free rein to the viewer’s imagination.

meaningful daily lives

The quest for insight into what human beings really are. Flat design, because of its emphasis on minimalism and simplicity, creates a clean and definitively uncluttered look.

Life is more complex than the simplistic this-or-that filters we typically apply in writing and thinking about it.

viewer’s imagination

Throughout art history, artists has sought to make sense of their magic world through myths. These imaginative stories, taking visual forms, have been both preserved and transformed over the years as they have been repictured.

Genuinely strong artworks don’t fight, they restore balance because art is life, and because it means something different to everyone, it ends up meaning nothing at all. Genuinely strong artworks let things go.

He who fights too long against dragons becomes a dragon himself.