Better late than never cartoon

Passage of time, since better late than never

Collage prompts us to slow down and purposefully consider the minutia of everyday life. The challenge of selecting and compose images in a meaningful way encourages us to seek out beauty in a pro-active way.

Avogadro Noriega

shades of everyday whimsical art

Images of shades of life for the deep psychological need they fill, willing to capture the sense of a fleeting moment in time. Whimsical art as a clock that is always one hour late rather than as a broken clock that shows the right time twice a day.

drawing of people

Transient art is timeless

A storm of information that can quickly deluged the graphic artist that has no way to organize and make sense to the images.

nothing lasts forever but funny sayings

The book takes all the pieces of the puzzle of cool artworks, and arrives at its own conclusion: Find the cosmic in the commonplace because time flies.

uroboros, endless circularity of time

We know that endless circularity of time is, even in elitist circles, quite rare.

Twisted humor as an image of the endless circularity of time, a representation of the uroboros; finding funny just watching a dog chase it's tail.