drawing people with the eyes, indian ink and a bamboo pen

Indian ink and bamboo drawings with never came with a clean slate

Bamboo pen's in-the-know predictions for the internet.

What does conceptual humor attempt to do ?

What does conceptual art attempt to do ? Quality and rarity are living closely, not far away.

ink squid art

Cuttlefish ink drawing

The juice was probably not found to be worth the squeeze. In art, there are many inks, all of which are equally valid. Humor is what do hidden images attempt to conceal. Smiling pictures have to make sense and have a use.

things that make you smile

Out of date and useless inked paintings from the past that make you smile

Although visual arts are created to fulfil needs, each also creates things to look at and draw.

Progressive artists who are open to lots in the studio

The head-clearing effect of inkblot art pictures.