The cephalopod is left puzzled and scratching its head.

Squid ink through the grapevine

Cuttlefish sepia ink drawing of leaf models

Theuthologist's dream girl with wine leaf painted with squid ink only as natural painting pigment.

Sepia squid ink is good for organic painting (because I have heard it through the grapevine). Obviously someone found it useful enough, even unconsciously humorous. Often in contemporary art, the more impractical the better.

squid ink

Naturalistic sepia ink cuttlefish

Quick work capturing the base essence of ikasumi and reflecting with watercolor squid ink style, which caused a bit of head-scratching in the cephalopod art studio.

Is squid dark pigment good for painting? Cuttlefish ink is strange, original, and enigmatic. Perhaps “sepia squid ink” isn’t such a bad summary after all. Molluscs arty things seldom are hard-edged artworks.