Thin lines are large enough.

Thin lines make ironic artworks

We are wired to respond to art.

Printed on hand-made paper from copper plate etching. Patterns insanity reflects a distinct attraction to the absurd. So, as far as our evolutionary history is concerned, it seems we really are what we see. Visually puzzling patterns make ironic artworks.

whimsically cool art

Whimsical art is worthless but valuable.

Only an artist who doesn't want to be an artist or who doesn't even know that he is an artist is a real artist.

Bruce Nauman, The true artist helps the word by revealing tensions between practical and theoretical approaches to art.

chemical whimsical humor

Whimsical since internet time began. I don't run an art website, whimsical humor does it for me; it's exact opposite of what it should be.

Having opened that Pandora’s box, art is either whimsical or humorous.

Paul Gauguin