underground Epictetan fatalism

Rattus redescribed Epictetan fatalism as living according to nature and practiced indifference to indifferent things. Such rodents make good metaphors for the rat race of art life.

Underground artworks should take a break from the clamorous rat race of art life from time to time, deserving to see daylight. The system is now in many ways dominated by people who seem to not actually care about art for its own sake (Edward Winkleman).

rat metaphor

Performances of many artistic functions are distributed across a rat population in a Gaussian way, and thus bad rat artists may be thought of as ordinary tail-enders in the distribution.

Underground art rat

Underground art rat tries to survive from his art without a lot of academic background. Good undergound rats whose work don't appears in serious art books. You can use rat as a verb to mean betray.

Genetically wired to respond to art, rat artists think of themselves as underground artists because of the methods and challenges of rat-based artistic pursuits.

Who's afraid of the dark?

Part of ratism's originality is found in its subject matter and outlook. In Pascal’s view, the human condition is characterized by inconstancy, boredom, and anxiety.

art cures boredom and anxiety

art cures boredom and anxiety

In a world where artsiness has been called the defining rodent characteristic because a taste for fun is all but universal inunderground art web sites. For the artsy rat the cheese was ultimately a muse equivalent of a studio model having rats in the attic. Another cheesy paint endorsement from contemporary pack-rat artist.