copper plate leaf etching

Doing creative work for the sake of it is a deeply fulfilling and odd experience.

When was anything great ever achieved by people being realistic? What better way to depict reality than to actually involve it in the process of printmaking? If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything.

printmaking workshop, sgraffito artist

Although the medium had been in use for centuries, interest in it had waned by 1800, alongside the invention of lithography and the developing popularity of reproductive engraving.

copper plate proof of alien life

Original print produced by sketching upon a malleable wax ground instead of carving into a copperplate, like soft-ground etching. Seen as directly connected to the artist’s hand.

aluminium plate etching

Artists are grateful to the theorist for legitimizing their work, but irritated by the fact that their art is presented to the public with a certain theoretical perspective that, as a rule, seems to the artists to be too narrow, dogmatic, even intimidating. Our word choices matter. Hypermodernism displays a deep bias against objects. It therefore can be described as anti-object. Beauty, clumsiness and a quirky octopus is a good beginning for a selfish shellfish.

Fish estampe

From the start of modernity art began to manifest a certain dependence on theory.

The newest, most innovative and meaningful contemporary art of today is also made of ineffable pictures because humans instinctively classify things. Life really seems different now.

Aluminium by far has the best witty face and highest specific quirk of all metals and I would recommend using this cheap metal.

Estampe vs gravure ? Artists are also always involved in the printing of their works, and select inks, papers, or processes themselves or in collaboration with a master printer.