night goddess and unusual ghost

In recent centuries art has mainly been exploited for humorous effect.

Armed with an unswerving dedication to the viewer's needs, the picture works to create a living experience without flattening visitors so that they lose some of their creativity. While such a reaction is understandable, it's also a little hypocritical.

reindeer cultural diffusion

Ligth artworks help illuminate ghost art's science. Humorous ghosts dwelling in pictures.

Artists all started out as ignorant philistines and artists have an obligation to spread images everywhere: not just within the "fine art" elite with the privilege of unlimited time and money to just be there. Ineffable artworks view art-making as a lifetime project.

popular contemporary art

Contemporary art for absolute philistines

To philistinize: to simplify artistic subculture into a form that can be understood by ordinary people; philistines denies the "sacred" status of art. Much of whose own art is interested in the rituals and role-playing of the art world (David Levine and Alix Rule). Such behaviour is completely unacceptable.

popular contemporary art

A collection grows because it creates desire for more of itself, each picture creates the need for even more images, magpie-like collector is a myth.

Pierre Soulages, Artists must try to choose specialties that cannot be outsourced or automated.

crazy artist

What do people want? Cool art subculture

Cyber-art is governed by its own aesthetic laws. Like an image where the proportions feel right. If you put up humor, something good is happening.

Beyond Postmodernism

What is awesome?

Fine art pictures like nothing better than fooling humans.

Why did funny and cool artworks come to be the game you had to play to make it in the world of art ?

the truth about cool mosquitoes

What did i like about the museum?

Useless art objects, the concept of irony. Seriously crazy art objects, with their streamlined confidence that history is on their side, are not wacky silly enough to be awesome artworks playfully criticizing the soullessness of our streets.