visual arts seek for whimsical pictures

A meaningful drawing with grey matter is a brain.

Pictures in this site are happy and stay happy; it's all subjective. Images on computers are strange things.

site specific cranky graphic art

Waxoil wants pixels to be happy, wants investigating why ladybugs are so cute and arithmetic mean quite often meaningless. Life without art is an octopus without a mermaid.

underground happy artist

Everything we do is absurd, even stressed rat and happy artist

All-seeing eye symbol

Everything we do is art, even drawings. Art is important because life is hard and absurd universal. Symbols such as the all-seeing eye are needed in landing pages, because they are apotropaic.

How to draw art websites?

How to draw an art website?

This art website is intended to show the power of crazy as a coconut artworks because art makes better life.

perfection is boring

Return to the practice of older days when practice of visual arts was not yet divorced from modern theories of aesthetics.

W.J.T. Mitchell, Picture Theory, p.377

Picture theory tells that a good painting is a dead painting. Waxoil strengthens imagination and removes the rust of life. Internet is perfect medium for painting the colour of good time.

ineffable art

Mathematical models describe an existing system by a set of figure models. Each and every pixel, no matter how small, is a possible piece of the ineffable, even the most important thing in art.

A simple linear narrative describing the development of this site no longer seemed to hold water because any thing we make is expected sinking quickly like a stone thrown into a quiet pond. Who done it?